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Krazy's Stargate Page
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A large circular ring, roughly 20 feet in diameter. The stargate is made up of the quartzitemetal element called Naquadah. Earth's Stargate was found in Egypt in the early twentieth century. The stargate had been stored in what is currently the SGC facility. With a valid glyph sequence encoded, and given a neutrino energy burst, the gate opens an artificial wormhole to another remote Stargate on a distant planet.

The Stargate seems immune to the effects of age (indicated by working Stargates on planets where the buildings surrounding the Stargate has long since perished) and does not react with any other substance or external stimuli.

The Stargate is designed with two rings. One outer stationary piece (with seven chevrons) and one rotating inner ring (which is engraved with 39 symbols). The inner ring must be turned to seven of its symbols (like a combination lock) with its chevrons, in a valid order to "lock" in the target planets coordinates.

Earths Stargate is controlled by a supercomputer that takes place of the "Dial Home Device" ( dialing device to the Stargate). Earth never found its "Dial Home Device" (DHD) and had to use a supercomputer to give the Stargate its appropriate power charge.

The Stargate has inadvertanly became a time machine when the wormhole to be established got caught near a solar flare by a nearby star.

A second Stargate was found on Earth, 50 miles outside of McMurdo Air Force Base, Antarctica. The DHD was found buried in ice. Also found there was a Jaffa. The Antarctica Stargate has since been relocated.

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Richard Dean Anderson....Colonel Jonathan (Jack) O'Neill
Michael Shanks....Dr. Daniel Jackson
Amanda Tapping.... Dr. Major/Captain Samantha Carter
Christopher Judge....Teal'c
Don S. Davis....General Hammond
Alexis Cruz....Skaara
Vaitiare Bandera....Sha're
Peter Williams (IV)....Apophis
Teryl Rothery....Dr. Janet Fraisier

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Stargate SG-9

General Wende (aka Krazy)

Team: SG-9 - Exploration

Unit: First Contact

Stargate SG-12

Major Krazy

Team: SG-12 - Medical


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